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Dua Fragrances

Dua Fragrances is an independent, niche fragrance house providing perfume handcrafted by our artisans in the US. It is located in the United States and excels at providing you handcrafted perfume extracted from natural oils and created with inspiration from classic scents.

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Efque is an exotic and exclusive brand of perfumes that caters to your need for graceful, fragrant, and lasting scents. It is Faisal Qureshi’s brand of perfumes offering you scents ranging from delicate and natural to musky and rich tones. Check out the perfumes on their website.


Stygian Skin

Stygian Skin is our all new umbrella of skincare products that are your answer to all your grooming needs. It offers you high performance skincare and cosmetic products that helps you groom, cleanse, and clarify with our mineral rich formula and original compositions.


Encounter Scents

Encounter Scents is a product of Dua Group, a brand dedicated to providing you an assortment of long-lasting fragrances. It is an innovative brand with an assortment of fresh and subtle scents that are designed to last long in all your special moments.

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The Nomad Collection from TheDuaBrand is a range of high-quality fragrances that embody the spirit of adventure and wanderlust. Inspired by the thrill of exploration and the beauty of exotic destinations, these fragrances are designed to transport you to far-off places and evoke the senses with their unique and captivating scents.



Red Grape is our brand of all natural and botanical skin care products that are made with real oil extracts with earthy undertones. With earthy, rich, and woody undertones that match those of Middle Eastern origins, Red Grape is a brand of organic skin care and management products made of all natural products.


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